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Both our  fully solution-processed and evaporated display modules are manufactured following extremely simple fabrication procedures. The luminance range is from 0  to 12 000 nits, with a maximum external quantum efficiency of 12%. The low driving voltage ensures that the module can be driven by a standard digital circuit board or powered by batteries (maximum voltage=5 V). We demonstrate a seven-segment display module made by this technology, which is able to show various numbers and letters. Moreover, the simply structured module is intrinsically flexible and can be made onto a plastic substrate. 

Solution-Processed, Low-Cost, Flexible and Wearable OLED Displays

Atom NanoElectronics’ OLED display modules are our unprecedented optoelectronic invention. It integrates the driving circuit into the OLED components, making the  whole display less expensive and lighter. Atom’s OLED display modules represent a novel class of organic optoelectronic system, wherein the light-emission function of an OLED and electrical driving circuit are monolithically integrated. This is in stark contrast to conventional OLED displays in which the front and back panels are produced in sequential  and complicated fabrication processes. 

We also applied this novel technology to different light emitting systems, showing that it is compatible with phosphorescent luminophores and other small molecule emitters. Atom will be dedicated to fabricating  large-scale, flexible active-matrix displays based on this technology. Another advantage of this technology is its capacity to fabricate ultra-high DPI (dots per inch) displays, due to its unique embedded driving components, as well as its simple layout. This feature can confer its applications in virtual reality (VR). Other ongoing and future research will be directed to multi-color emission from single pixel, fully transparent displays, and optical sensors. 

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